2011 Midwinter Championship

The hot team at Midwinter Championship: Lin & Maarten

FD teams from as far away as California, the Northeast and Ohio converged on the St. Petersburg Yacht Club for a three day weekend of sailing and get togethers. We shared the bay Saturday and Sunday with the Snipe fleet.

Conditions ranged from 2nd grommet for a lighter team on Friday, to lighter the rest of the series, but in the end seven races had been ably run by the SPYC race commitee. There were the usual current and particulars of a north breeze that St. Pete is famous for, with dividends being paid to those selecting the correct (usually left) orientation to the strong flood current upwind.

Upwind Sailing in Light Air

Early on in the 2010 HPDO Willem and Maarten are trying to keep the boat going to weather in lighter air, before the breeze filled in.  PhotoBoat’s shot here shows pretty respectable air flow over both sails.

Telltales are not straight back as the wind is just too light.  Maarten is sitting to leeward which allows Willem to stay high and see what is going on.  But still there is a bit of induced heel that will help reduce drag a bit.

Early Spinnaker Retrieval

From the February, 1957 Trapeze, here is a clever arrangement to stow a spinnaker.  It’s difficult to imagine not having a continuous arrangement for such a key piece of FD gear.  But then there are still many high performance dinghies that still use bags rather than socks.  In any event, wrap your heads around this one:

Double Harbeck

These pics are of a double Harbeck trailer.  At the time it belonged to Lin, but now resides in New York with the Gorbolds.  I was about to construct an aluminum version of the dolly (see elsewhere) and this was to give me a perspective on the balance points Harbeck worked out. 

The First Annual Spin Pole Regatta

Due to such late notice, the only three boats that made it down for the weekend were URI boats. Once we realized that this was going to be an in house event we simply invited everyone we could think of to come down and swap into the three boats, with 10 people coming down over the weekend to give it a try. Unfortunately, an old repair gave way, limiting us to two boats and the whaler for spectating and picture taking. Despite the set backs everyone had a great time and enjoyed sailing in Newport. Look for us again, about the same time next year. 

   Chris and Kate 

NY400 Recap

With challenging winds, current and local traffic, part 1 of the NY400 FD Championship completed after two days of racing.  The third day of racing for the first regatta was canceled on Thursday due to 30+kt winds on New York Harbor. This resulted in first place for the van der Pol brothers,  Bas and Marc of the Netherlands.

President’s Note

Welcome to the new USA Flying Dutchman website!  We are pleased how it has turned out visually.  But more importantly, the entire site is filled with features that will hopefully involve all class members, as well as friends of the FD class.  We thought long and hard about this project before starting.  Just coming up with a bright shiny and new website would be nice, but hardly worth the effort.  We have very specific goals with this new design which are:

  • Help fleets grow with an integrated set of organizing tools
  • Foster a community with dynamic information and idea sharing
  • Build an extensive, search-able body of FD knowledge on many subjects over time 


2011 Schedule Update

The 2011 Class schedule is being developed.  The primary anchor dates are National at Noroton Yacht Club, World Championships in Italy and North American Championships at CORK after return from Worlds.  The two main US events are happening on the east coast this year, breaking with general proactice of having a major event on each coast.  This is to facilitate shipping to Worlds this year.  Similarly, in 2012, we plan to have both events on the west coast, in addition to the Worlds Championship that will be held in Santa Cruz. 

Shroud Termination

A recent question on the upper shrouds came from Stuart Austin, rebuilding USA 440, a 1969 Dubdam.  Stuart writes, “Rule 62 states that the lower ends of the shrouds should be “impossible” to adjust while racing. How do you achieve controls that can be tuned conveniently but still meet the rule?”

The rule references the “lower end” which is referring to the teminal attachment of the shroud to the chainplate or whatever hardware affixed to the boat. This does not refer to the critical adjustment mechanism that lengthens or shortens the upper shroud.  The rule is stating that the attachment point of the shroud may not be movable while under way.  The effect of this is that on an FD, you are not allowed to move the shroud fore, aft or athwardships while racing.  To be sure, many boats allow for this type of adjustment to be made between races.

Cuspidor Regatta 2010

The annual Cuspidor Regatta was held the weekend of July.17-18 at the Willow Bank Yacht Club on Lake Cazenovia. For those that have never attended the Caz regatta you miss a good time – there is fabulous camping on site, great club facilities, good lake racing and very welcoming hosts.