Flying Dutchman History

The IFDCAUS was incorporated in 1958 by a committee including Jim Van Voast, Walter Zwarg, Harry Sindle, Jack Powell, Jack Duane and other greats of one design sailing of that era. It was chartered to organize fleet racing, arrange championship regattas and select competitors for such events as the Olympics and Pan American Games. Now in it’s seventh decade of existence, IFDCAUS continues uninterrupted in its mission of promoting FD racing, and arranging events where FD sailors can meet and race.

In recent years IFDCAUS has undertaken major initiatives such as the founding and now major upgrade of this web site, rehabilitating older, out of use FDs, and coordinating transport to regattas around the country and the world. All IFDCAUS officers and staff are volunteers. Work done on the class owned boats, web site, brochures, magazines, and other publications is done by members. Membership dues pays for trophies, materials, postage and other operating costs.

Class Communication

IFDCAUS is itself a member organization of IFDCO, the International FD Class Organization based in Holland. IFDCO publishes its own magazine, “the International FD Bulletin”, maintains its own web site , arranges continental and World Championship regattas and maintains the World Ranking List.

The official mouth piece of IFDCAUS until 2010 was the “Trapeze” magazine. Official reports of the Association officers and race results were published quarterly.  Because of publishing cost and the evolution and spread of web technology, the Class Officers voted to cease publication of the Trapeze and instead devote all our attention to this web presence.  The Trapeze served the Class well and particularly in the most recent years during the tenure of Jonathan Clapp, it became well known internationally and spurred other groups to this level.  Now as we turn to the website as our primary method of communications, we intend to continue that excellence, but also extend features to help the class become more accessible, particularly for growing fleets. 

Class Membership

Flying Dutchman sailors and supporters are encouraged to become members of the organization. Class members are entitled to access to class membership listings, special website features and of course access to sanctioned class racing events. Internationally sanctioned events – National, Continental and World Chanpionships – require that both skipper and crew are members.  See link to membership to join the class or to pay annual dues.