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Containers have arrived from around the world for Worlds 2012

The containers have arrived from Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Frank Nooijen did a great job coordinating 4 containers from Europe to transport boats from Holland, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Romania. Edward Cox coordinated the container from Australia and Dave Gibbs from New Zealand sorted out the Kiwi’s.

We all used same agent, Sea Shipping in Oakland to clear Customs which went relative painless, only a few containers were taken out for intense exam by CBP, Customs & Border Patrol and had to go through X-Ray before they could be delivered. We had Kiwi Transport in the marina, standby for off loading on arrival, which all happened within a few hours.

From Santa Cruz Yacht Club we had our two most reliable supports, Steve and Charlie, who both have done an outstanding job of getting the containers gated in per direction from the Harbor Authorities, and we are very pleased that all containers have arrived timely and safe. We can go sailing!

Preliminary Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions for the 2012 World Championships have been posted. They can be found under the “Official” tab on the event site,  Please note that these are Preliminary Sailing Instructions.  Official SIs will be distributed at Registration and notice of changes will be posted on the regatta bulletin board.  We will attempt to make the most recent changes available on the event site, but the bulletin board will have the official version. 

WC2012 Regatta Insurance

Flying Dutchman sailors are eligible for the One-Design Insurance Program provided by the Gowrie Group. This program is endorsed by US Sailing and insures more one-design boats than any other insurance program. With the 2012 World Championship just around the corner, those who have not secured required coverage for the event can arrange for a policy by contacting the Gowrie Group

This PDF clearly explains how sailors can get the required insurance in place before the regatta. In addition to the standard 12 month annual policy Gowrie also offer single event insurance policies to accommodate Non-US residents and those chartering boats.

Please do not delay!  If you have issues finding coverage in the Untied States for the event, you still have time to have it in place.