Author: Kurt Hemmingsen

Flying Dutchman Till the last man standing: 2014 Nationals

NAT2014 5652 300

By Kurt Hemmingsen

It was a tough start for the FD Nationals at Santa Cruz on Friday. The weather forecast for the weekend promised light winds from WSW, typical for the time of the year, however the local sailors knew better and warned participants on shore that the breeze typically fills in and sure enough we ended with heavy air, 15-18 mph from SW, gusts to exceed 25 mph which is nothing for the enduring FD’s, but requires skills and perseverance.

Containers have arrived from around the world for Worlds 2012

The containers have arrived from Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Frank Nooijen did a great job coordinating 4 containers from Europe to transport boats from Holland, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Romania. Edward Cox coordinated the container from Australia and Dave Gibbs from New Zealand sorted out the Kiwi’s.

We all used same agent, Sea Shipping in Oakland to clear Customs which went relative painless, only a few containers were taken out for intense exam by CBP, Customs & Border Patrol and had to go through X-Ray before they could be delivered. We had Kiwi Transport in the marina, standby for off loading on arrival, which all happened within a few hours.

From Santa Cruz Yacht Club we had our two most reliable supports, Steve and Charlie, who both have done an outstanding job of getting the containers gated in per direction from the Harbor Authorities, and we are very pleased that all containers have arrived timely and safe. We can go sailing!