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Race 6 update

Rounding order at end of run lap 2 …1st GER 88, 2nd ITA 4, 3rd HUN 70, 4th GER 199, 5th GER 135, 6th GER 35….wind fading about 6 knots…fleet well spread out..

Race 6

There was a General Recall on the first attempt to start Race 6, Black Flag now flying for second attempt…wind remains at 8 to 10 knots…all boats on Clew 1…

Race 5 finished

Race 5 now finished provisional finishing order…1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd ITA 4, 4th GER 19, 5th AUS 7, 6th GER 199.. Santa Cruz wind beginning to increase again … 8 to 10 knots at present …Race 6 starting soon…

Race 5 update – lap 2

At the end of the run, 1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd GER 19, 4th AUS 7, 5th GER 199, 6th ITA 4…on the final beat the fleet is favouring the starboard side of the course…fleet is well spread out…wind 6 to 8 knots….leading boats approaching the finish…

Race 5 update

Race 5 ..leeward mark first lap 1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd GER 19, 4th AUS 7, 5th GER 35, GER 199…wind remains in 7 to 10 knot range..

Race 5 away

The 43 FDs made a clean start at first attempt …spread evenly along the start line, some chose to tack off to the starboard side off the course and the rest gradually followed, some are tacking up the middle of the course…majority going hard right.. Wind SW increasing gradually … Now about 8 to 10 knots..

Day 4 Report – Races 3 & 4


Santa Cruz Yacht Club, Santa Cruz, California, USA

23 – 30 September 2012

Day 4 – 26 September 2012 – Races 3 & 4

FDs enjoy Santa Cruz Breeze

After a shoreside postponement due to lack of wind, boats were released from the harbour in sunshine for what proved to be a great day of racing with a good breeze for the second race

After three General Recalls, two with an I flag, the Race officer lengthened the line and pulled out the Black Flag … the fleet had a clean start! The wind was in the 6 to 10 knot range from  the SW.

At the end of the first round at the leeward mark Ralph Jambor & Jens Schreiber (GER 135) led with 2nd Dirk Loewe & Sven Hermenau (GER 35); 3rd Kay-Uwe Ludtke & Kai Schafers (GER 88), 4th Matthew Mitchell & Kim MacDonald (AUS 66); 5th Paul Scoffin/

Pavel Ruzicka (NZL 145); 6th Peggy Bahr/Torsten Bahr (GER 19)

At the finish, GER 135 retained their lead and GER 88 was second with NZL 145 3rd and GER 35 fourth. Szabolcs Majthenyi & Andras Domokos – HUN 70 were fifth.

The wind increased to 14-16 knots from the SW in the starting area as the boats returned for the start of race 4. The water was choppy with a swell and although most boats were still on clew one (on their genoa) as they were going into the first start sequence some changed to clew two and more did so as the wind built and chop increased.

The first start of the fourth race was with Flag I but a boat took the fleet over the line causing a General Recall and the next start with a Black Flag saw four boats BFD.

With the increased wind strength and crew stretched out the fleet quickly spread out. On the first reach nearly all the boats carried a spinnaker but the second reach which was tighter saw a lot of boats drop their kite after the gybe mark and a few capsize at the mark.

Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken – NED 26 and Szabolcs Majthenyi & Andras Domokos – HUN 70 battled for the lead on the second reach and were well clear of the rest of the fleet. At the leeward mark after the run Kilian Konig & Johannes Brack (GER 113) had closed the gap.

Once ashore competitors and volunteers enjoyed a tasty snack and a glass of beer in the Regatta marquee.

Provisional Results – Subject to Protest

Race 3 – First 6 to finish

1st Ralph Jambor & Jens Schreiber – GER 135,

2nd Dirk Loewe & Sven Hermenau – GER 35,

3rd Kay-Uwe Ludtke & Kai Schafers – GER 88,

4th Matthew Mitchell & Kim MacDonald – AUS 66

5th Paul Scoffin & Pavel Ruzicka – NZL 145

6th Peggy Bahr & Torsten Bahr – GER 19

Race 4 – First 6 to finish

1st Szabolcs Majthenyi & Andras Domokos – HUN 70

2nd Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken – NED 26

3rd Kilian Konig & Johannes Brack – GER 113

4th Andras Suli & David Papp – HUN 13

5th Kay-Uwe Ludtke & Kai Schafers – GER 88

6th Ralph Jambor & Jens Schreiber – GER 135

1st GER 88 – 13 pts

2nd HUN 70 – 17 pts

3rd NED 26 – 22 pts

4th GER 19 – 29 pts

5th HUN 13 – 34 pts

6th ITA 4 – 35 pts

The fifth race is scheduled for 1200hrs on Thursday 27 September.  For more information and full provisional results see