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Trailer “Brake-through”

Hey Tim;

Looking through the old Trapeze magazines, my favorite parts were where FD owners would show their upgrades… mine isn’t a speed increaser, but safety.

I’ll be the first to admit it… I hate trailering at night. The lights are weak, they flash like they’re anemic, and I end up putting reflectors all over the place to make the boat more visible.   Goofing around on ebay looking for trailer lights, I stumbled across a number of products that allow the lights to run directly from the battery in parallel instead of in series.   I bought one for a screaming deal ($12) and installed it on my Volvo.

Double Harbeck

These pics are of a double Harbeck trailer.  At the time it belonged to Lin, but now resides in New York with the Gorbolds.  I was about to construct an aluminum version of the dolly (see elsewhere) and this was to give me a perspective on the balance points Harbeck worked out.