2019 Flying Dutchman Nationals Results

Flying Dutchman National Championships

By Tom Lewis

The Flying Dutchman Nationals were hosted by the Willow Bank Yacht Club on Lake Cazenovia on July 19-21, 2019. Nine Flying Dutchman competed in the 2019 National Championship/Cuspidor Regatta. Brothers Chris and Jeff Wrenn from Santa Cruz, CA were crowned 2019 National Champions after three days and 12 races of good winds and competitive racing. Following closely behind were Larry Schmitz and Jack Caires from San Diego, CA, and Doug Dommeruth and Michael Manning also of San Diego. The top WBYC finishers were Carl Boller and Jeff Barbero in fifth place. WBYC sailors Tom Lewis and Andy Mistur finished seventh. Canadian sailors Derrick and Cynthia Hiltz followed in eighth place and newcomers to the Cazenovia FD fleet the Brown family sailing a vintage wooden Mader finished in ninth place. Junior sailors John Henry and Willem Light-Olson finished sixth and won the Flying Dutchman Class Association Junior National Trophy.  

Larry Schmitz and Doug Dommeruth contributed to the high attendance by hauling and providing two San Diego boats across country.
The three-day event was sponsored by Empire Brewery, Owera Vineyards, and Chobani with logistics assistance from Cazenovia Equipment. Special thanks goes to Pia and Dave Murray, RC Jeff Shaw, Liz Handler, Bill Hoyer, and WBYC staff, who made it all possible!

Trophy Presentation

1st Place - Jeff Wrenn & Chris Wrenn

2nd Place - Larry Schmitz and Jack Claires

3rd Place - Doug Dommermuth & Michael Manning

National Trophy - Jeff Wrenn & Chris Wrenn

Cuspidor Trophy - Jeff Wrenn & Chris Wrenn

Junior Trophy - Wilem Light-Olsen & John Henry Light Olsen

Hibbert Trophy - Carl Boller & Jeff Barbero

Carling Trophy - Jennifer Brown & Paul Brown

Packing up the semitrailer for the trip back to San Diego.

2019 Flying Dutchman National Championship

Skipper/CrewRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Sub-TotalPlace
USA 301Chris Wrenn, Jeff Wrenn3411241161211119
USA 193Larry Schmitz, Jack Caires11321123234333252
USA 153Doug Dommeruth, Michael Manning52245346DSQ21244383
USA 1197Kate Coupland, Chris Liberte23434532173455394
USA 189Carl Boller, Jeff Barbero76563274546822525
USA 123Wilem Light-Olsen, John Henry Light-Olsen48876655365578676
USA 367Tom Lewis, Andy Mistur65657767758666727
Can 311Derrick Hiltz, Cynthia Hiltz877888DNS8487787878
USA 392Paul Brown, Jennifer BrownDNSDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS8989DNFDNS991129
(DNS=DNF=DSQ=10, 2 Throw outs after 9)