2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Meeting

Noroton Yacht Club, May 29th, 2011

  • Tim opened the meeting at 7pm.
  • Tim began with a big thank you to Job Sandberg and the Noroton Yacht Club for putting on a great event despite less than stellar weather
  • A well received thank you was issued for the many years and many projects that Jonathan Clapp took on as secretary- treasurer of the class. We all wish him luck with his new job and hope to see him again
  • Topics that were discussed:
  1. President’s report
  1. Treasurer’s report
  1. Measurer’s report
  1. Increasing Participation
  1. The Santa Cruz Worlds
  1. Elections

President’s report

  • Through the efforts of many people, the new website came together and seems to be a large success.
  • However, the website is not done, the purpose of the website is to facilitate growth
  1. All members need to contribute  even one article a year and a few comments will soon lead to a huge collection of information.
  1. The website is only as interactive and useful as the members make it
  • Planning to have the online PayPal membership dues option up and running soon.

Treasurer’s report

  • Although Jonathon could not make it, Tim spoke on his behalf
  • We need to catch up on membership dues
  • Some payments are still owed to class members
  • Overall the account is in good shape and all is well.

Measurer’s report

  • Paul brought up the issue of asymmetric spinnakers
  1. The general consensus seemed to be that it was not currently the correct move for the class
  • Chris Wrenn asked if it would bring new people to the class
  • Paul mentioned that the German’s were not fond of it currently, and as the largest portion of the class, would have some control over the issue
  • Lin did not believe that the benefits would outweigh the issues of cost and change
  • The prospect of Duane going into production with a US built boat was brought up.
  1. People are interested in this, both here and potentially internationally, with the current strength of the Euro
  1. Paul Scoffin commented on the prototype he had sailed at the last Nationals, saying it was a good boat that just needs minor work in the systems and rigging.
  1. Tim would love to see a couple boats for the SC worlds
  • Would be a great testing ground
  • Paul Hemker expressed cautious optimism on the timeline working out

New Business – Santa Cruz Worlds

  • Discussion of effectively marketing the 2012 worlds focused mainly around organization and having marketing packages ready for both potential sponsors and competitors.
  1. Chris Wrenn thinks we need to create a marketing package, perhaps tying it into Sailing Anarchy so that sponsors know what they are getting.
  • Also believes that the budget should be coverable by the entry fees and that the lower we can make the fees the better.
  1. Jason believes that we should have a proper project manager to effectively distribute the work load for such an event.
  • Lin Believes that group passion, as opposed to individual passion is the key to successful events like this.
  1. Tim Noted that Zhenya has started many committees that are just starting to become active in the matter.
  1. Discussion on a draft NOR ended in Chris Wrenn volunteering to find a path and get the appropriate dialogues going.
  • It was unsure who should actual author the NOR, Santa Cruz Yacht club, or the class.

New Business class promotion

  • Tim: one of my goals was to get the US class on a national and international level, and we have come near to maxing that out, now we must shift to the local events and bring more people to the class
  1. Given the current membership, it seems as though the international and national participation is at a peak, and so we need to start local to continue to grow the class.
  • Many agreed that having a mentor figure was key for them making it into the class
  • It was agreed that we as a class need to be willing to travel to regattas, and that we need to create more regattas.
  1. The Second Annual Spin Pole regatta will be held in Newport RI September 17th and 18th
  • Try to reach out to inactive members and invite them to local events.


The slate was voted in

  • President: Tim Sayles
  • 1st Vice President: Jeff Wrenn
  • 2nd Vice President: Mike Maszaros
  • Secretary-Tresurer: Chris Liberti
  • Chief Measurer: Paul
  • Trustees -Lin Robson and Chris Wrenn ( to serve out the remainder of Tom Vought’s Term)