The focus of Flying Dutchman activity is in the fleets that exist across the country.  The activity of a fleet will ebb and flow as new members arrive, depart, or succumb to life's changes.  While you can find individual FDs pretty much anywhere, the pages here are provided to help local groups attract new sailors and organize their activities. 

The fleet pages provide an easy way to publish notes on what is happening, big and small.  It has a number of features that: 

  • Allow members to register and participate in local mail lists
  • Set up local schedules that are automatically publicized on the main Class calendar
  • Provide a central place to store and distribute pictures and stories
  • Create and manage scratch lists for upcoming events through article comments
  • Poll local fleet members on any issue that you might want to consider


And all the publications made on your fleet page will also be reflected on the main US Class Home Page.  Simple, right?  If you are in a location starting a new fleet and would like to have your own fleet blog page, let us know and we will be happy to set one up!