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Race 6 & Overall Results

Provisional race 6 and overall results with one discard now at Results tab .. HUN 70 first overall on equal points with GER 88.- 14pts  3rd NED 26 – 24pts, 4th ITA 4 – 26pts, 5th GER 19 – 30pts, 6th GER 135 – 33pts…

Overall results after 5 races

Provisional results after one discard are available at Result tab, HUN 70 now leads overall..2nd NED 26, 3rd GER 88, 4th ITA 4, 5tth GER 19 .. results for Race 6 and provisional overall results will be available soon

Race 6 update

Rounding order at end of run lap 2 …1st GER 88, 2nd ITA 4, 3rd HUN 70, 4th GER 199, 5th GER 135, 6th GER 35….wind fading about 6 knots…fleet well spread out..

Race 6

There was a General Recall on the first attempt to start Race 6, Black Flag now flying for second attempt…wind remains at 8 to 10 knots…all boats on Clew 1…

Race 5 finished

Race 5 now finished provisional finishing order…1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd ITA 4, 4th GER 19, 5th AUS 7, 6th GER 199.. Santa Cruz wind beginning to increase again … 8 to 10 knots at present …Race 6 starting soon…

Race 5 update – lap 2

At the end of the run, 1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd GER 19, 4th AUS 7, 5th GER 199, 6th ITA 4…on the final beat the fleet is favouring the starboard side of the course…fleet is well spread out…wind 6 to 8 knots….leading boats approaching the finish…

Race 5 update

Race 5 ..leeward mark first lap 1st HUN 70, 2nd NED 26, 3rd GER 19, 4th AUS 7, 5th GER 35, GER 199…wind remains in 7 to 10 knot range..

Race 5 away

The 43 FDs made a clean start at first attempt …spread evenly along the start line, some chose to tack off to the starboard side off the course and the rest gradually followed, some are tacking up the middle of the course…majority going hard right.. Wind SW increasing gradually … Now about 8 to 10 knots..