Whiskeytown Lake Regatta

The Whiskeytown Sailing Club runs this famous event for almost 60 years. Whiskeytown Lake islocated just west of Redding/Northern California in the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area. The lake is a reservoir operated by the US Bureau of Reclamation to provide flood control, irrigation, and to generate electricity. Conditions were perfect with a full lake and warm (not too hot) breezes.

A big fire engulfed the whole area almost 6 years ago – it is nice to see new vegetation taking over again. Peter Carr and his son Conner came down from Washington State and competed in the races. I met them when they were relaunching their FD after doing some repairs that became necessary in the first race. As you can see, they were truly enjoying themselves! Winds were quite puffy on the first day, and much calmer on the second day.

There was a nice dinner on Saturday with live music and good food. RVs were allowed to park in the parking lot next to the launch ramp, together with the boats on trailers. In addition to toilets with running water, there were also a couple of porta-potties. People with tents (including Peter and Conner) stayed at another campground on the lake. We plan on bringing out more than one FD next year. We left with good memories and we are looking forward to coming out again.

Gerhard Panuschka US Flying Dutchman Class Secretary/Treasurer

PS: Gerhard could not sail this year because of an injured shoulder, but he was able to take some photos…