Shipping to Santa Cruz

The Event Organisers will work with a few global container carriers to obtain the most suitable solutions, Customs broker and domestic forwarder to mitigate transportation cost.

We will work with a global based freight forwarder with offices in all critical locations to facilitate receiving, loading and shipping.


Container shipping into Oakland, forwarding to a suitable storage location, Customs formalities for boats and gear will be coordinated from multiple origins in Europe; The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia. Specific packing and shipping locations depend on participation from each nation and numbers of boats.

Containers will be transported by sea, and should all arrive in Oakland, near San Francisco. From here we will arrange for local haulage to nearby ramp facility, where we will arrange off loading into temporary storage space. We will coordinate delivery of trailers/boats to SCYC.

Cost will depend on shipping minimum 6 boats + gear per 40′ container, typically between $900-1200 USD per boat, for the round-trip arrangement is the current budgetary numbers we are considering.

The following are some key planning considerations:

  • Destination: Oakland
  • Ramp/Storage: South San Francisco
  • Mode: All Water, Sea-freight via container carrier
  • Carriers: MOL, APL, Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd or CP Ships
  • Latest Arrival Oakland: Sep. 18, 2012
  • Latest Arrival Regatta Site SCYC: Sep. 21, 2012
  • Staged and coordinated locally, SF Bay Area

Departure dates and estimated transit times listed below:

  • 6 weeks : Germany Genoa, Italy Cartagena, Spain
  • 5 weeks : Rotterdam, The Netherlands Bremerhaven/Hamburg
  • 4 weeks Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Domestic transportation will be coordinated and aligned with other regatta’s and can be facilitated via rail- intermodal containers, or all-wheels from anywhere in USA, Canada and Mexico directly to SCYC. Contact for questions regarding shipping formalities:

Email: Kurt.Hemmingsen@Comcast.Net Mobile: +1 (650) 339 5678