Cuspidor 2011

After almost three weeks of very nice sailing wind in Cazenovia, the Saturday of the 2011 Cuspidor presented us with very little wind and no consistent direction.  The wind ranged from 0 to perhaps 5 mph and swung through about 220 degrees from southeast to northeast.  Sunday morning was somewhat better, but still a bit unpredictable.  The races really weren’t over until they were over as the finishes of many races were very close.  In the end, it was probably the experience of dealing with the lake type wind conditions that allowed Carl Boller and Jeff Barbero to pull out wins in six of the seven races to win the regatta. Chris Liberti with Katie Coupland sailed very well in the Lindsay previously owned by Peter and Barbara Wells and captured second place overall.  After exchanging third and fourth places with Tom Lewis and George Saggal, Zach White and Nick Iannacone finished third largely on the strength of winning the third race on Saturday.  Despite the difficult conditions the  participants seemed to have a good time as we were able to get some good trapezing on a few legs of Sunday’s races and a very nice dinner outside at the Brae Loch in on Saturday evening. 

2011 Results Cuspidor Regatta

Willow Bank Yacht Club

Skipper/CrewBoat #Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7PointsPosition
Carl Boller/Jeff BarberoUSA 189112  111161
Chris Liberti/Kate CouplandUSA 143522324  22132
Zach White/Nick IannaconeUSA 13334  314333173
Tom Lewis/George SaggalUSA 36734  43244204

Chris’s Note –

   Although the wind was not ideal, we had a great time and would like to thank everyone involved in running the regatta as well as encourage more people to join us next year. Check back soon for more pictures!