Race 1 start

Race 1 started in light winds..

Start Race 1

Race one started in light winds

Overall results after first 2 races

1st GER 88 - 2nd, 4th 2nd ITA 4 - 8th, 1st 3rd NED 26 - 1st, 8th 4th HUN 70 - 4th, 7th 5th GER 19 - 5th, 9th 6th HUN 13 - 13th, 2nd 7th GER 100 - 3rd, 13th 8th GER 219 - 16th, 5th 9th NED 341 - 6th, 17th 10th GER 199 - 21st, 3rd Full results and report to follow...

Provisional Results are available hereĀ 

Race 2

Boats are returning from the finish preparing to start Race 2.....wind 220 to 240 ... 8 to 10 knots. First beat approx 1 mile. See Twitter for updates

Race 1

The fleet is now on the race course following postponement ashore, start currently postponed, wind approx 8 knots expected to increase during the race to approx 12 knots. Race Committee is laying a course and race is expected to start soon.

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