Race 4 update

Exciring racing after fleet got away following General Recall with I Flag and 4 boats BFD in start with Black Flag. Crew fully stretched out, nearly all carried a spi on first reach but only the first third held a kite for the second reach .. A few capsized at the wing mark...HUN 70 and NED 26 well ahead of rest of the fleet, GER 113 closed the gap on the run...fleet well spread out ... Leading boats are well up the final beat..provisional results leading boats available soon..4 races sees a valid Championship..

Race 4

Wind now 14-16 knots 230* in starting area...water choppy with a swell....most boats still on clew 1 going into start sequence .. Some have changed to clew 2...more doing so as wind builds and chop increases..

Race 3 - provisional first 5

Race 3 - Provisional Finishing Positions 1st GER 135, 2nd GER 88, 3rd NZL 145, 4th GER 35, 5th HUN 70 Wind now building...Race 4 will start when competitors have returned to start area

Race 3 - leeward mark lap 2

Race 3 - 2nd round leeward mark 1st GER 135, 2nd GER 88, 3rd GER 35, 4th NZL 145, 5th AUS 66, 6th GER 19

Race 3 - First lap

Race 3 - 1st Round Leeward mark 3 1st GER 135, 2nd GER 35, 3rd GER 88, 4th AUS 66, 5th NZL 145, 6th GER 19

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