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Richard Phillips has taken several thousand photos of the FD Worlds 2012 hosted by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.

These photos may be used for personal viewing and for inclusion in articles about the event or promoting the FD Class on websites or news articles.

All the photos are ©Richard Phillips please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to use the photos for any other purpose

The photos shown at the Championship Dinner and updated for Days 1 to 7 including Races 7 and 8 have now all been posted on Flikr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/esailor

Jury Decision - boats going afloat for last Race

The International Jury has now considered the various protests and requests for redress and has decided the Results as previously published stand.

The sun is still shining, the shoreside postponement ended at 1220hrs...boats are preparing to go afloat for the last Race.

Race 9 - Start delayed to resolve Protests

With the sun shining for the first time during the Championship with views across Santa Cruz Bay, the Start of Race 9 scheduled for 1200hrs has been postponed.

This is at the request of the International Jury so that they can resolve the issues arising from various claims for redress and re-opening of last night's Hearing.

It is important that competitors go into the last race knowing their current standings as this may determine their racing strategy - see Preview of Race 9 to see how hotly contested the Top 10 positions will be.

Race 9 - Preview - Subject to Protest!

Race 9, the last race, is scheduled to start at 1200hrs on Sunday 30 September.

This preview was written on the basis of the International Jury decisions on Saturday night. Some competitors have now filed a request to re-open the Hearing and this may significantly effect the Preview below. The International Jury is assembling to meet to consider the situation at 1030hrs.

With the Championship winners, Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos - HUN 70, decided with a race to spare, the battle for second place remains intense. 

Kay-Uwe Lüdtke & Kai Schäfers - GER 88 are on 16 points with a 5th & 11 th discarded and Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken are on 17 points with two 11ths discarded and thus need to beat GER 88 and finish in the top 4 to achieve second overall.


Nicola Vespasiani & Francesco Vespasiani (ITA 4) are currently fourth overall on 28 points and are assured of finsishing fourth overall.

Peggy & Torsten Bahr (GER 19) are fifth overall on 39 points.

Sixth place will be very hotly contested with only four points separating the next seven boats.

Ralph Jambor & Jens Schreiber (GER 135) and Andrew McKee & Matthew Bismark (NZL 111), currently in 6 & 7th places are on 45 points



Day 6 & 7 Report - Races 7 & 8


Santa Cruz Yacht Club, Santa Cruz, California, USA

23 - 30 September 2012

Day 6 & 7 - 28/29 September 2012 - Races 7 & 8

Sun - Fog - Good breeze - Race on!

After 8 races, Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos are the provisional winners of the FD Worlds with a race in hand.


There was no racing on Friday 28 September due to lack of wind. Racing was postponed to the lay day on Saturday 29 September. On Friday evening the Championship dinner was greatly enjoyed by approx 160 competitors, supporters and volunteers. A number of sponsored prizes were given away on the basis of bow numbers drawn from a hat.


After a short shoreside postponement due to lack of wind on Saturday, boats were released from the harbour in sunshine for what proved to be a great day of racing with a good breeze for race 7 & 8.

However fog patches wafted through the course and some of the leading boats have claimed redress as they could not see the next mark of the course. Other boats were caught pumping by the Jury which was vigilant during the fog patches.

Race 7

After a General Recall, the Black flag was displayed and the 43 FDs got away to a clean start. The 10 to 12 knot SW wind enabled the fleet to quickly disperse across the course. The local sailors went hard right into the shore. During the first lap the fog kept coming and going.

At the first leeward mark the rounding order was 1st Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos - HUN 70, 2nd Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken - NED 26, 3rd Andrew McKee & Mathew Bismark - NZL 111, 4th Kay-Uwe Lüdtke & Kai Schäfers -GER 88, 5th Nicola & Francesco Vespasiani - ITA 4, 6th Dirk Bogumil & Michael Liskin - GER 199.

The fog continued to come and go on the second lap. At the end of the run on lap 2, the rounding order of the first five boats was the same. GER 19 had moved up to sixth place.

At the finish HUN 70 won with NZL 111 second having passing NED 26 which finished third.

Race 8

By the start of Race 8 the wind had increased to 15 to 18 knots and boats had changed to Clew 2. There was a significant chop on the water on top of the swell. A few boats went ashore and did not participate further.

Waves and wind resulted in capsizes, boats trawled spinnakers at the leeward mark and the conditions remained foggy. The first six boats at the leeward mark on the second lap were 1st NED 26, 2nd HUN 70, 3rd GER 88, 4th Kilian König & Johannes Brack - GER 113, 5th GER 199, 6th Jan Lechler & Jens Salow - GER 100.

At the finish the order of the first four boats remained unchanged. Most of the boats finished in foggy conditions.

As the last boats returned to the harbour the fog lifted and the sun shone!

Once ashore competitors and volunteers enjoyed a tasty snack and a glass of beer in the Regatta marquee.

Provisional Results

Race 7 - First 6 to finish

1st Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos - HUN 70,

2nd Andrew McKee & Mathew Bismark - NZL 111,

3rd Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken - NED 26,

4th Kay-Uwe Lüdtke/Kai Schäfers - GER 88,

5th Paul Scoffin & Pavel Ruzicka - NZL 145,

6th Kilian König & Johannes Brack - GER 113.

Race 8 - First 6 to finish

1st Enno Krammer & Ard Geelkerken - NED 26,

2nd Szabolcs Majthényi & András Domokos - HUN 70,

3rd Kay-Uwe Lüdtke/Kai Schäfers - GER 88,

4th Kilian König & Johannes Brack - GER 113,

5th Jan Lechler & Jens Salow - GER 100,

6th Andrew McKee & Mathew Bismark -NZL 111

Provisional Overall Results after Race 8 net of 2 discards

1st HUN 70 - 12 pts

2nd GER 88 - 16 pts

3rd NED 26 - 17 pts

4th ITA 4 - 28 pts

5th GER 19 - 39 pts

6th GER 135 - 45 pts

The ninth and last race is scheduled for 1200hrs on Sunday 30 September.  For more information and full provisional results see www.fdworlds2012.org

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