Approach to FD Sailing

We are assembling information on FD sailing techniques - an overview of how to approach FD sailing, describing initial rig setup, sail interaction, foil balance, and the general idea of crewing and helming. It will also serve as an introduction to the detailed sections.  Come back and check it out!.  You will be able to add to the ever growing knowledgebase.


Coming soon: An introductin to the FD genoa, including genoa selection, clew attachment, rig rake, telltales, genoa cars, sheeting, luff tension.


Coming soon: discussion on pole height, angle, trim approach, gybing concerns, guy adjustment, wire running, ratchet blocks and much more.


Coming soon: general discussion on the setup of the main, interaction with the genoa, controls, vang, cunningham, outhaul, sheet, traveler. reef point. telltalles.


Coming soon: discussion on the centerboard and its relation to mast, forward/back, up/down ease of movement, balanced helm, upwind/downwind, reaching, wind ranges, sea state. 

More Articles ...

  1. Helming
  2. Crewing