It's not ALL about the racing...

{jcomments on}Here are a series of shots taken after the container was delivered. We launched today and took GBR367 for a spin. More on that later.


Container is opened and unpacking begins. Bikes will be very userful here. Otherworldly mashup: Unloading against a backdrop of the Italian Alps  
Maybe we will gt over the view, but not likely.  Let the boat games begin. Setup next to the launch area. How many boats are we fitting in here?

Ever the good sport, Anna unloads another mast.  The container was a relatively easy load with only 4 boats.  Two were lifted up against the ceiling, then two tied down to the floor.  We hope to bring one additional boat and trailer back so it will be a bit more complicated.



Hard to imagine how we will get 133 boats set up here.   Plus we heard from the Stephano, who works on the marina staff, that there will be an additional regatta going on here this weekend with 50 boats. 

Give us some comments as we go along, we can answer questions too!