The Flying Dutchman Class organization announced the launching of a new website that will help local fleet developers with the tedious tasks of organizing sailing events and present a new face for the Class. After many years of a web design that has been used since its first publish date, the site will now feature not only the expected class information, news and schedules, but also a section that allows FD sailors and friends to sign on and participate in local events and discussion. 

Anyone can submit an article for publishing and many others will have permission to publish, all using the facilities of the website. 

Each fleet has its own mailing list, based on the fleet preferences in each user's profile.  There are a number of other lists that will be added as the need arises.

Additional features such as a USA specific forum may be added, depending on desires of the online community. Over the next few weeks, much content from the old website and all editions of the former class magazine, The Trapeze, will be available.

The class welcomes all to have a look around and participate!